Newt Gingrich Says They’re ALL Going to Jail

FBI made an incredible mess in last year’s presidential election. Starting with the former FBI director including hundreds of agents who worked against president Trump.

Now Trump is looking forward to reexamine everything that happened last year, and we would him to put behind bars those liberal puppets.

Take a look what former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had to say.

According to Conservative Post:

FBI is looking to clear the mess they have made in last year’s presidential elections. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had a discussion with Fox’s news Sean Hannity. He said that the spying on Trump and the cover up on Hillary’s criminals is one of the worst breaches of U.S. Justice system.

The interview was going this way:

HANNITY: I want to get into the specifics of this. This is very profound because on a level far deeper than Watergate ever was here, there is corruption at the highest levels. This is no longer paranoia, it’s provable fact that the fix was in here. You have James Comey. Then you have the pro-Hillary, anti-Trump Peter Strzok and then his girlfriend Lisa Page, yeah, they are the ones going to save America with what they are doing…

GINGRICH: At every level, this is undermining our system of justice. It is violating the law. It’s very likely all of these people will end up going to jail. But, imagine that the reverse had happened. Imagine that they had allowed the law to follow its natural course. Imagine that you had gotten a report last summer, the summer of 2016 by Director Comey saying, well, you know, it’s likely that foreign agents did get to her accounts because of the way she had handled them and the way she had broken the rules. It is clear that she was guilty of gross negligence, which, in fact, is as a technical term meaning that she had broken the law. And if he had said, therefore, I am recommending that she be prosecuted, I mean you would have blown the whole campaign wide open at that point.

Sure we would like to see Hillary in prison, what is your opinion?

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